venerdì 19 novembre 2010

Painteractive 2.0

Painteractive 2.0 is the last interactive work created for the project "Verhalen van het Schoolplein" (en. "Tales from the schoolyard") in Forum Images, Groningen (NL). The event’s organizers asked to create futuristic games for kids from 8 to 12 years old.

Four aims where the choice of the field of interest of the game and I decided to exploit “Creativiteit” (creativity) to create a new version of Painteractive! (link) which would allow to video-painting and play sound and videographies with the body.

Painteractive 2.0 is a VJ/DJ platform with which is besides possible to add own tags or graffiti sketches with a "real" spray-can.

The iconographic choice for the projects refers to a life cycle.

The triptic of the previous three icons: the hand with the finger up (the come to life marking own presence and questioning); the feet (the steps through the walking paths); the notes (the research of the harmony in the surrounding).

The little collection of photographs below explains a bit about the process of production for Painteractive 2.0, a project realized in two weeks that now includes 3 devices and the software (opening post photo).

The first public tryout of the prototype was on 6 of november in occasion of the theatre premiere show linked to Schoolplein project in Theatre Citadel, Groningen. The project is now working at Groninger Forum togheter with other interactive games made by artists from Frank Mohr Instituut.

The photo that opens the post illustrates the software interface for the interactive system.

Soon I will publish on this blog the MaxMSP patch that you can download and try yourself with your own DIY system.

Painteractive 2.0 collects the tools of Painteractive! in a unique spray-can hacked into an electronic device that allows to paint, choose colors, erase and choose video graphics to be inspired with pressing few buttons.

Three tools compose the system: two wooden boards and a color spray-can (revisited).

The system I made for this first experimental platform will be developed soon into applications like virtual environments gestured in real time by body balance and motion through the space, VJ/DJ multilevel platforms for disco-club performance.

giovedì 4 novembre 2010


A new interactive audio/video installation with realtime news from newspapers and social media.
The noise of the web application and database is near...