mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009

Painteractive! - Cylette hardware completed

It's time to show you what happened in the last times to the project Painteractive!
The hardware needed to build the Cylette (interactive palette for choosing colours for painting) is working indeed...and eyes are now ready to read microscope slides.
To hack a wii mote is of course a nice job and tryout but hands have to be able to behave as in surgery.
Now the ex-wii mote seems like a spider of wires and circuits and what remains of the job is about artisanal carpentry efforts: to make holes in a real wood palette on the right position of the switches and of the wii mote. Then fit those onto the palette. And eventually some decorative job will be chill out time (more or less, not for my nose indeed).
Get ready... Painteractive! is comin out!

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