venerdì 11 settembre 2009

Hello world!

Hello world!

After a long dive in a semi-complete analogical summer (mountain and sea) let's start again with machine code...trying to set up the switch all the time on 1 instead of 0.

First step is to share with all of You my new ideas, my new works, the new routes.

The right mood is to wake up the fingers and put them on the keyboard, power the mind, open connections, create a new blog.

This will be the daily (hopefully) post of my “new thing” in Groningen, NL. This smiling and gracious tiny city in the north of Europe seems to have decided for spending a lot of interest in art and design. In the concept that seems to me looking at the artist as an artisan, a crafter, as a rough creative. My perception of the environment here made me feel at home. 

This reason put me on decision to continue my research on “Interactive Art Therapy” in Holland, @ Frank Mohr Instituut, Radesingel 6 GR, where is also my atelier shared with nice artists.

This virtual hollow will represent the space for dates, happenings, performances and new ideas related to my work as digital artisan, seeking for art...

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