martedì 25 maggio 2010

Performing Media Lab in Monferrato

I'm now participating in the events organized by Performing Media Lab/Monferrato, a ten days of workshops, interactive installations, "radio raid" theatrical performances, open discussing about the territorial innovation, glocal emotional maps and performing media. I'll present the last projects about interactive bio-sensing (in the context of the research T.A.I. quoted in previous posts on this blog) contextualized on the themes of the territorial innovation of the area of Monferrato in Piemonte region. "Neural Byte Beat" and "Beat's My Map" will be enriched by new contents of videoart realized particularly for the Urban Experience event in Monferrato. Here's the links:

and on Facebook, Twitter...others sn.

And here's something about the amazing, cultural, active village of Casale Monferrato:

Wine, Krumiri biscuits, theatre and performing media.
Come & enjoy!

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