venerdì 11 dicembre 2009

InteracTag, Roma 19/12/2009

Is almost ready a new interactive environment created and tested for Performing Media Lab Roma. Carlo Infante, pioneer in Italy of videotheatre and other experimental theatre and new media performance, organized, with the Community of Roma the event "Happy New Hear!" that will take place in different locations on the maps of the italian capital city with different types of performances.
One of these will take place at Brancaleone, via Levanna 11, Montesacro area, where will arrive people after walking on the streets in the way to design a big hear on the google map present on the geoblog website:
After that, the theatre stage of Brancaleone will be transformed in an interactive audio-visual area where people, as user-spectators, can interact with a virtual environment created by a real-time generative 3D planes and objects and modifying in real -time the sound environment. The drammaturgic choice about the tags is a creation by Fabrizio Palasciano and togheter we are going to present the Hypermediapunk Manifesto, as an open box to full of creations in the field of the theatre and of the hypermedia interaction.

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