venerdì 11 dicembre 2009

Live performance @ NP3 gallery, Groningen

A little bit back to a performance made on 13 november at NP3 gallery, Groningen.
For the opening of the gallery some student like me had the opportunity to create something nice to show to the people.
I decided to ask the collaboration of two fine musicians like Marco Cinelli (guitar) and Daniele Labbate (bass) and mix some live interactive electronic sounds with their fine musical fantasies. The deal with the musicians was to create an improvisation performance, meeting togheter for few rehearsal only to tryout the interactive system. In fact I dressed their instruments with two wii remote controllers to modify in real time some video effects on two wall projections...
It seems quite complicated to explain and actually the interactive system I made was quite complex and messy indeed.
I used 2 computers to manage two projections and a video mixer to control analogically a camera and a microcamera on a third projection between the two musicians...
The only thing I know is that at the end of the show everything worked.
Here some photos by Sahal Merchant...

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