sabato 12 settembre 2009

TAI (Terapia d'Arte Interattiva) "Interactive Art Therapy" WIP

“Interactive Art Therapy” (TAI) is the theme that brings me in The Netherlands. This Is my new project, the main one for the next two years of research at Frank Mohr, that involves more scientific disciplines (medicine, interaction design, robotics, aesthetics...) in different kind of knowledges and know-how fields. Even this is a project thought in perspective of hypermediapunking, now targeted to trasform art in “useful and helpful beauty”. Lots of media are intersected in this project starting from the technology of the body interfaced with the game...

“Interactive Art Therapy” is based on the use of the body to create virtual spaces and at the same time on the connection between art and therapy for a desired wide number of psychomotor diseases. Hearth of the project is the building of site specific, interatctive systems that will be part of the process of rehabilitation of diseases or neurophisical disturbs practiced in physiotherapy rehabilitation programs.

New updates on this wide work in progress will appear on this board...

La Rinascita Theatre

“A rotating line-up of artists, generators of dynamic theater... devised, site-specific,and experimental”. This is La Rinascita Theatre, an experimental project made up by my friend David Conison. This words invited me to take part to this smart and nice project as virtual set designer for the site specific shows of La Rinascita Theatre. A project that moves on the web allowing us to work in distances from Washington DC to Groningen or everywhere. An other project of cross-media communication to produce hypermedia art.

Coming soon "Untitled Orestes", a site-specific reworking of the Orestes/Elektra cycles.

“R” becoming “G” --->

The virtual interactive environment “R”, realized for Roma and prepared in “La Mama” Experimental Theatre Umbria, readapted for site specific purposes, is going to become “G”, an interactive environment about the new place where I live, Groningen.

Here the link to what happened this summer in Santa Maria Reggiana, Spoleto, with theatre directors from Symposium at “La Mama”:     *

*The interactive system for this installation provides the use of an infrared camera that I missed in Spoleto (the reason of the starlight in the hands, or wherever, of the user-spectators). Currently I’m working to set the system with infrared lights that allow the user-spectators to move in a space producing audio and video only moving their bodies.


"Painteractive" is my new project about connecting painting and interaction design. A painter will be behind own interactive “canvas” painting own amazing shapes and will be only an illusion of real painting cause what is painted will be visible on other surfaces.

It needs the building of an interactive system in which the analogical work of the painter could become a digital interactive live performance. "Painteractive" is the attempt to be cross-media or, better, hypermedia, involving a large number of media in the communication for artistic expression. Coming soon...

venerdì 11 settembre 2009

Hello world!

Hello world!

After a long dive in a semi-complete analogical summer (mountain and sea) let's start again with machine code...trying to set up the switch all the time on 1 instead of 0.

First step is to share with all of You my new ideas, my new works, the new routes.

The right mood is to wake up the fingers and put them on the keyboard, power the mind, open connections, create a new blog.

This will be the daily (hopefully) post of my “new thing” in Groningen, NL. This smiling and gracious tiny city in the north of Europe seems to have decided for spending a lot of interest in art and design. In the concept that seems to me looking at the artist as an artisan, a crafter, as a rough creative. My perception of the environment here made me feel at home. 

This reason put me on decision to continue my research on “Interactive Art Therapy” in Holland, @ Frank Mohr Instituut, Radesingel 6 GR, where is also my atelier shared with nice artists.

This virtual hollow will represent the space for dates, happenings, performances and new ideas related to my work as digital artisan, seeking for art...