sabato 12 settembre 2009

TAI (Terapia d'Arte Interattiva) "Interactive Art Therapy" WIP

“Interactive Art Therapy” (TAI) is the theme that brings me in The Netherlands. This Is my new project, the main one for the next two years of research at Frank Mohr, that involves more scientific disciplines (medicine, interaction design, robotics, aesthetics...) in different kind of knowledges and know-how fields. Even this is a project thought in perspective of hypermediapunking, now targeted to trasform art in “useful and helpful beauty”. Lots of media are intersected in this project starting from the technology of the body interfaced with the game...

“Interactive Art Therapy” is based on the use of the body to create virtual spaces and at the same time on the connection between art and therapy for a desired wide number of psychomotor diseases. Hearth of the project is the building of site specific, interatctive systems that will be part of the process of rehabilitation of diseases or neurophisical disturbs practiced in physiotherapy rehabilitation programs.

New updates on this wide work in progress will appear on this board...

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