mercoledì 20 gennaio 2010


Today I presented Painteractive! and Painteractive! 0.1 for the semester assessments of IME, Frank Mohr Instituut. Last Sunday I released the first version of the software dedicated. No bugs anymore for it and quite simple to use also for consumers...
Painteractive! finally comes out.
It is the multimedia interactive system for videopainting and play sounds with traditional painting tools.
To change the perspective of traditional painting colors on canvas, to augment the perception of the act of painting, to go across the largest available number of media and to re-mix them togheter, to make the people have fun and think on how much ways are around to transform things in something else, this, the concept.
To investigate possibilities, to keep the look on virtuality, as theorized by Pierre Lévy, to keep the look on Rhizome, as the concept in developing after Deleuze and Derrida discoveries, this the practical approach.
And then sharing and switching research and knowledge, asking questions, making connections, going near the borders and pass through or, when possible, destroy them.
Painteractive! borns with a little "manifesto" written before its creation:

Make your visual art be naked,

open the matter,

recombine the technologies,

remix the media,


Three tools compound the specific interacive system:

  • the Cypencil: interactive pencil made with an original tool of painting then modified to become an infrared transmitter that communicates with a Wii remote controller;
  • the Cypalette: interactive palette made hacking a Wii remote controller and modifying an original palette for mixing colours;
  • Painteractive! 0.1: the software made to run in Max5 Runtime (free running downloading the Max5 software on or in Max5.

Few months ago I started to work on the idea pactically, practising with different solutions that developed then in the prototype you can see in the last photos below. The early approach to the job is documented in one of the posts below. Hereunder a photo-story of the last development till the end of the project.

Painteractive! Represents a first dowel in the mosaic-project that I'm working on, T.A.I. This project, Interactive Art Therapy, supposes, at the first level of analysis, to start investigating the possibilities around the connection between the human health and wellness and the multimedia interactive art. It is the concept about creating site specific interactive environments with real-time or/and generative multimedia contents reacting to the people that are acting those environments. The interactive system I created for painting with the digital multimedia technology is a tool for fun as toy for children and adults. It could be a nice toy to have, for example, in the hospitals where children and people get bored and need distractions and a bit of physical activity. My next step will be to propose it as interactive toy for pediatric departments in hospitals. This will be the first step for T.A.I. project as well.

Now, everybody would like to build her own Painteractive!
Could be very nice to write your own code making it work in base of your style.
But I like the "sharewoods", and next lines you can copy on your MaxMSP new patch and start to communicate with your own cypencil and cypalette.

Enjoy Painteractive! 0.1 and create your own Painteractive:

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