domenica 4 luglio 2010


Abstract: Architechnobrain is an interactive bio-sensing installation. Imaginary sketches recombine elements of an indecip
herable design composing a complex architecture, similar to the “city of the mind”.

Keywords: Interactive Multimedia Design, Mind Architectures, Brain’s Activity, BCI, Generative audio-video contents, Invisible Cities, Technobrain.

Architechnobrain creates imaginary thin cities composing random architectures based on mind’s activity in a virtual audio-visual environment.
The audience dresses a friendly device similar to common headphones. This brain computer interface connected via bluetooth with the computer will interact with the brain’s activity of the user measured in levels of attention and meditation. Thus composing in real time the 3D environment of sketched virtual spaces (in the following pictures) and an electronic sound environment generated by the intensity of the mind’s activity of the audience.
Architechnobrain is the experimental research on hacking technologies crossing the widest range of media to find the evolutionary path which will bring towards technological singularity.

Technical description:
The interactive system is composed by Neurosky Mindset (Brain Computer Interface) connected via bluetooth to the computer. Two artisanal softwares made by APIs are used to generate the interactive audio-visual environment.

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